Parliament wants to tighten the declaration of food

Bern (awp / sda) - Parliament wants to introduce mandatory declarations for production methods that are prohibited in Switzerland. This applies to both vegetable and animal products. The National Council approved a corresponding motion from the Council of States on Wednesday.

The decision was clear in both chambers. In the National Council, part of the SVP, the FDP and the center parliamentary groups opposed it. The move now goes to the Federal Council.

The motion calls for a mandatory declaration of food production methods that are prohibited in Switzerland. The type of production and origin should be clearly visible. How exactly the declaration should look like is left open in the motion.

This should improve customer transparency for plant and animal products, said Commission spokeswoman Lilian Studer (EPP / AG). It should be taken into account that new declaration obligations are clearly definable, compliant with international law and enforceable.

The Science Commission of the Council of States (WBK-S) reacted with the proposal to a report by the Federal Council from September 2020. In it, the state government writes that a stricter declaration of foie gras, frogs' legs and reptile leather products obtained using methods that are cruel to animals should be examined in more detail.

The Federal Council rejected the motion anyway. He fears that with the narrow formulation of the motion, Switzerland could have problems with the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In addition, it is difficult to implement the matter unbureaucratically, said Health Minister Alain Berset.

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