Putin and Biden summit ended after a good three hours

(Supplement: Putin leaves the summit villa)

Geneva (awp / sda / dpa) - The summit meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva has come to an end. Biden was the first to leave the Villa La Grange above Lake Geneva. He got into his limo and put his thumb up. A press conference was planned for Biden in a nearby hotel.

A good 20 minutes later, Putin left the villa on foot and made his way to a press conference in a tent set up for this purpose. It was planned that Putin, then Biden, would speak to the press first. Both presidents wanted to return to their homeland on Wednesday.

According to information from American delegations, the meeting lasted three hours and 21 minutes - less than both sides had previously announced. The Russian delegation had prepared for at least four to five hours of talks. It was the first summit of the presidents of the two largest nuclear powers since Biden took office in January.

Topics at the meeting should include strategic stability in the world, nuclear disarmament, control of the arsenals as well as the conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and the dispute over the nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea. According to Biden, he also wanted to address human rights violations in Russia.


Image by: Palinchak | Dreamstime.com
News source: https://www.awp.ch